KBI-109 Dear female director

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As a clumsy employee, he often makes mistakes. This time, Nishimura filled in the wrong name in the contract. While he didn't know what to do, Nonoka, his immediate superior, promised his partner that he would bring a new contract tomorrow. For peace of mind, Nonoka will also go with Nishimura, and she will also entrust him with booking flights and hotels. The next day, luckily with Nonoka, everything went very smoothly. But when the two returned to the hotel, Nishimura continued to make the mistake of only booking a double room. Having no other choice, the two had to share a room for one night. They both drank and talked to each other. When she learned that Nishimura was still a virgin, Nonoka immediately wanted to take away his first time. And then, during that night, Nishimura had the female boss he always dreamed of, the one he never thought would belong to him...

KBI-109 Dear female director

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