IPZZ-085 Kami Anna and the amorous bar employee

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Kami Anna works in an office in the city, with short hair, looks stylish and has a good-looking face. But she still doesn't have any love affairs, she's over 20 but still single. So she decided to go to places where young people hang out to find a boyfriend. One beautiful evening she decided to go to a famous bar in the city center near where she worked, The first time she went, she seemed a bit shy so she wasn't bold yet, but people were talking about alcohol and in a drunken state, she was propositioned by a bar employee. I couldn't resist. The attraction of men and curiosity about sex made her lose herself and sink into lust with that employee. It seemed she really enjoyed this pleasure, so after the first round in the lobby she still hadn't forgiven him. but went to the employee's break room to fuck. I wish you happy filming :D

IPZZ-085 Kami Anna and the amorous bar employee

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